Letter: Foresters must recall Mary's legacy

Letter: Foresters must recall Mary's legacy


Oregon State University forests are public land managed by OSU. Mary McDonald gave money to buy land to use for research and education (check out the statement about her at OSU trailheads). Dean Anthony Davis called the incident of the destruction of 16 acres of old growth forest an”unfortunate mistake.”

This incident raises so many questions. How can OSU allow two forest managers to decide to destroy trees that have lived for over 10 generations?

What is the true goal of the forest managers? Is it to provide solid science of forests of all ages, or is it to suppress graduate student research published in peer-reviewed magazines?

How much does the timber industry, and its generous donations, drive the apparent philosophy of management for board feet? How much does the desire for a $60 million building plus a $16 million cost overrun drive the many clear-cuts that are happening?

Why have two large parcels near Horse Trail been clear-cut with so little advance notice? Why are the parcels far bigger than the 4 acre limit per parcel that is in the plan?

If you want to befriend the old growth, go to the website https://friendsofosuoldgrowth.org, inform yourself, sign a petition, and find out more ways you can help.

Please, OSU, get back to your teaching research roots, step away from timber company dependency, and be more transparent in your management. Get back to Mary’s legacy. I am sure she would thank you for it.

Judy Riggs

Corvallis (Aug. 7)


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