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Please note I’m sending this letter before Election Day.

As a candidate for county commissioner, one challenge I wasn’t prepared for was the Gazette-Times' nakedly biased coverage.

The G-T ran a front page, above-the-fold story about my having called the police (to repeat: I was the one who called the police) on a neighbor’s loud party that was twisted into a narrative in which I was repeatedly presented as hostile, menacing. The G-T spent the time and resources to track down the girl who’d hosted the party, who, not surprisingly, had a negative view of me. All this time, effort and coverage over an incident that didn’t result in criminal charges for anyone.

Meanwhile, the G-T has known for months about serious, questionable actions by Sami Al-AbdRabbuh, and failed to cover them.

Sami potentially faces official sanctions over his actions as a board member of the Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center. No coverage.

Sami sent out a countywide campaign mailer — something that would, at minimum, cost thousands of dollars — but his financial records on the Secretary of State’s website don’t show that his campaign paid for the mailing. So who did? No coverage.

Sami’s campaign also received over $8,000 in oil money from Saudi Arabia. No coverage.

All of these things are huge red flags. But not a word was heard about any of them in the G-T.

The only certain loser in this election? Local voters, who were given incomplete and biased coverage for months. No coverage, no credibility.

Max Mania

Corvallis (Nov. 5)

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