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Michael Gerson’s Washington Post commentary on Jan. 7 ("Evangelicals Falsely Believe They Have Found a Champion in Trump") was a superb example of hate speech propaganda smoothly veneered over with references to Trump. I was equally disappointed that the newspaper would print such an article from another newspaper back East, where the media is making a living from hate speech, cheap shot, and innuendo.

Did the newspaper somehow miss the point in the first sentence, where Gerson says “the reluctant support by white evangelicals for Donald Trump ... has solidified into something like devotion.” How selective to leave out black, Hispanic, and Asian evangelicals. Gerson cleverly skips his hate-filled rock across the shimmering lake of integrity we all used to think used to think existed in the press years ago. How vulgar can Gerson get with the remark: “In their battle with the Philistines, evangelicals have essentially hired their own Goliath — brutal, pagan, but on their side.”

Was the editorial board asleep at the wheel when this piece of East Coast garbage made it to page A6? Can you imagine what would happen to a faculty member at Oregon State University if "evangelical" was replaced with LGBTQ, blacks, Jews, and President Obama? We have K-12 teachers getting defrocked yearly for far more innocent things than this act of hate-filled verbal gymnastics.

Does Gerson hate religion? He says, “Pastors and theologians blessed white superiority....” He leaves off that hundreds of thousands of those were Southern Democrats and the reason we had a Civil War — they lost. Hillary lost.

Robin Rose

Corvallis (Jan. 7)

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