April 2 at the Salem Capitol, there was a hearing on proposed Senate Bill 978, a bill which started out innocuously enough, but was “gutted and stuffed” with attacks on the civil rights of Oregonians.

Contrary to newspaper reporting, hundreds showed up in protest at this attempt to penalize one of the most vetted, law-abiding groups of Americans: concealed carry permit holders.

The Associated Press reported “advocates from both sides of the aisle flooded the Capitol to weigh in."

Not exactly.

Page after page of those who signed up were there in protest. Far fewer signed up in support.

The halls and overflow rooms filled with protesting citizens who couldn’t fit into the hearing room. There were crowds in front of every remote monitor. The dome of the Capitol reverberated over and over as those not allowed to testify watched those who could. The denied could only submit their written testimony.

Inaccurate reporting is dangerous. It is up to a citizen to find the truth.

Recently, thousands attended another rally at the Capitol, not hundreds, as the AP reported.

Citizens came from all over Oregon to protest this anti-American bill and misinformation about firearms and laws that don’t accomplish what’s promised but embellish a politician’s talking points.

If you’re a concealed handgun license holder and reject laws that overnight turn you into a criminal just by going about your daily errands, read Senate Bill 978. The hammer drops next week.

The emergency clause, a subterfuge attached by duplicitous means, cancels out your vote. You have to speak up.

Sally Klein

Corvallis (April 3)

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