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Letter: Hate seems to keep feeding on itself

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In the Jim Byrnes blues song “Love Is Just a Gamble,” he laments how love can disappear for no apparent reason, leaving you sad and crying and never knowing why.

It’s sorta the same with hate. There’s sadness and crying, except it doesn’t seem to disappear, it just seems to keep feeding on itself. And in the end, there’s just confusion.

Hate doesn’t have to manifest with torches and pitchforks, although one shouldn’t discount that as a possibility, but it could be simply a profound adherence to hypocrisy.

Consider the pillaging of Portland, the looting, the arson, the assaults, the destruction of businesses and governmental facilities by thousands of rioters over months of time, and in the end no one held accountable because it was all just “peaceful” demonstration.

Compare this to the event of Jan. 6, with only hundreds of protesters, far less damage, far fewer personal injuries, but believed to be a catastrophe on the scale of 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the biblical destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The hypocrisy of hate.

Or the hate of thoughtlessness? Forty thousand private vaccine records inadvertently released to the media should be a clue of what can be done by the government when it takes an overall laissez faire attitude toward the public.

We will never be able to move toward a better world unless we move together without hate. Present government is keeping us from doing this, not by accident.

Together we can stand and live better, and free.

Ronald Garnett




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