I write to support the Oregon Department of Agriculture in its proposal to phase out the use of the tree-killing weed-killer ACP. I do not support the delay requested by Bayer/Monsanto, as it has been clearly demonstrated that roadside and other spray applications of this harmful herbicide have killed thousands of trees along Route 20 and likely other Oregon highways. Please continue to protect the health of Oregon’s citizens, trees and wildlife by active observation, research and actions like this restriction on ACP.

I also wish to see our Benton County commissioners, state legislators and the Department of Agriculture seriously consider terminating the use of RoundUp, another toxic and carcinogenic weed-killer marketed by Bayer/Monsanto, in all agricultural applications. By now, the department is probably aware of the $78 million awarded to a California citizen who demonstrably contracted lymphatic cancer due to long-term exposure to agricultural spray applications of RoundUp. There are now national law firms representing thousands of American citizens in lawsuits filed against Bayer/Monsanto’s RoundUp. It is time for its use in Oregon to be terminated.

George Hutchinson

Corvallis (April 4)

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