Letter: How much is your emergency worth?

Letter: How much is your emergency worth?


“911 – What is your emergency?”

I heard those words when my mother had a heart attack. I didn’t hear ring, after ring, after ring; I wasn’t put on hold; I wasn’t ignored. I also wasn’t in Benton County. I was in another town, another state, that had state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel.

In Benton County we are taking a chance every time we call 911 that the understaffed call center will be able to respond to our emergency in time. With our out-of-date equipment, if you are calling from a cellphone and not on a landline, the odds of locating you go down.

How much is your emergency worth? This service district would provide up to date 911 services throughout Benton County for less than $100 a year ($65 for a $100,000 property). Believe me, when that ambulance pulls into your driveway to take your mom to the hospital, it is worth every penny. Please vote "yes" on Measure 2-124 this November!

Tanya Shively

Philomath (Sept. 24)


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