Many thanks to Boyd Wilcox for his June 25 letter on overpopulation. He quotes the "World Scientists Warning To Humanity" that we must have a "sustainable population size for the long term while rallying nations and leaders to support that vital goal." Combining this with the United Nations recent warning that 1 million more species will be extinct by 2030, and we can see why it is so imperative that the human population be reduced, immediately.

We humans cannot survive without other species. We depend on plants and animals for our food, our air, and a healthy environment. If they cease to exist, we cease to exist.

And why are other species becoming extinct? Not just because there are so many of us eating them. It is also because we are paving over the Earth with housing and roads and businesses. We are destroying the natural habitats of the very species we need to continue our own existence.

I was born in 1950. In that year the human population on earth was 2.5 billion. Today it is 7.7 billion. More than tripled in just one lifetime. At this rate, human beings may be one of the species that goes extinct by 2030.

Mark Weiss

Corvallis (July 3)

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