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I recently attended the candidate forum hosted by the Benton County Democratic Socialists of America and Our Revolution Corvallis Allies.

Max Mania, the independent county commissioner candidate, was obviously the best prepared and expressed the clearest messages of connecting with the rural areas of the county, building strategies, thorough planning, and taking action.

A few points I noted during the evening: The Benton County commission has been coasting along for years with commissioners from a single political party. It’s time for that to change. The Democrats are not entitled to a commission seat just because they have a plurality of county voters.

Max is a people person. He will do the hard work of seeking the ideas and concerns of the entire county, connecting to a broad spectrum of residents, and honoring their individual and community concerns. Then he will be bold enough to present sound solutions without fear of bucking the establishment.

Max is the only commissioner candidate who has municipal office and budgetary management experience, having served on a city council in Washington state. He also understands the importance of building regional relationships with neighboring counties. He knows there will be interlocking regional solutions for some of our biggest challenges.

Let’s put that knowledge to good use and set the county’s budget and business priorities to take care of our people and preserve our sacred land and water.

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Bart Bolger

Corvallis (Aug. 31)

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