So I have been corrected many time lately when I have said that President Trump is not very intelligent (I used different words to describe his level of intelligence but I won't use them here). Folks like me are concerned about this election and think that our national disgrace is intelligent. He is not!

Look, it does not take intelligence to be a bully! It does not take intelligence to put people down! It does not take intelligence to hurt people with your words! Quite the contrary. People who do these hurtful things do not have a major component in their makeup, and that is empathy. Our national disgrace has an agenda, and that agenda is hurtful. These mass shootings will continue as long as this guy is in office. The question is can our democracy and our society withstand another 14 months at least before the next election! At this rate there will be many more mass shootings as a result of our national disgrace's rants.

I can only hope that people on both sides of the aisle read this and give it some thought.

John Larsen

Corvallis (Aug. 7)

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