Prior legislation has provided self-service to certain parts of our state already. It's now time to break down the final barriers and make this an inclusive option for Oregonians statewide.

I submit that most gas stations' real money maker is not in fuel — it's their convenience store (if they have one) and it takes people to run that aspect of the business too. I think the position being espoused by many that jobs would be lost is overblown.

I'm a retired military veteran and our family has lived in many states during the 28 years that I served, with 20 more years after that in Oregon. Also, as a former state employee, I was "forced" by policy to put fuel in my agency's vehicle that I occasionally drove. Pumping gas is a simple task. But, it's frustrating waiting for some "gas jockey" to do something I've capably done many times before. Naturally there are legislators and citizens who will be detractors of the bill.

It's a fact that you won't be coddled and will pump your fuel beyond Oregon. A few months ago some out-of-state friends visited us and attempted to pump gas into their rental car — they didn't know our law prohibited it — the attendant yelled at them and they were taken aback with the verbal assault. After telling us their story we laughed about it; the comment was then made that how "backward" Oregon was. I agree that it's time to change this archaic prohibition.

Dennis Ruth

Corvallis (April 1)

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