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Wolf Krebs seems to contradict himself in his recent letter about reasonable gun restrictions.

Yes, many citizens are shot every year. What he fails to mention is that majority of those crimes are committed by criminals possessing illegal and stolen firearms. Do you suppose for a minute that a criminal will own, buy or use a registered gun? Gun laws do nothing to regulate criminals but rather impose restrictions on law-abiding citizens. When home protection is needed, seconds count. By the time an officer arrives, it is typically too late to prevent the crime. The police are charged with “upholding the law,” not “protect and serve.” That is why you have locks on your doors. What will you do if confronted by a burglar and you can’t dial 911 and then wait to describe the emergency?

The next statement, “the government is responsible for the welfare of the people," is a wonderful thought but not realistic. Please go away with your thought that “the government knows what is best for you.” Are your legislators really looking out for you and making laws that affect them as well as you? They spend most of their time getting re-elected versus looking out for you.

Finally, he states, “Guns do not kill people, people who own them do.” True, but who are these people? Criminals! They are delighted with more laws that restricts legal gun owners. That makes shopping easier for the criminal?

Finally: “It is not the gun, it’s the criminal!”

William Kughn

Monroe (Feb. 5)

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