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In a few weeks Corvallis voters will receive ballots for a March 12 special election regarding establishment of a South Corvallis Urban Renewal District. I’m a 35-year resident of South Corvallis and I encourage you to vote yes.

This proposal is the result of a multiyear, resident-led effort to develop a positive vision for our neighborhood. A vision that includes nearby places to buy food for the dinner table, take a child to the doctor, earn a living, and start a small business. A vibrant neighborhood where there are plenty of opportunities to gather with neighbors, relax and play; and where it’s easy to get around by foot and bicycle, children have safe ways to get to school, and we feel a sense of connection to the natural world. A neighborhood with a healthy supply of decent, affordable homes for renters, first-time homebuyers, and seniors ready to down-size into a smaller, more accessible home with basic services just down the street.

Sometimes neighborhoods like this happen naturally because they attract interest, investment, and resources. Sometimes neighborhoods like this happen only because we act to make it so. And for South Corvallis, it’s time to act. It’s time to stimulate and support the kind of change that will make South Corvallis a healthy, vibrant, prosperous, and complete neighborhood that benefits our whole community.

If you have questions, visit And please vote yes on Measure 2-121!

Jim Moorefield

Corvallis (Jan. 28)

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The author is the former executive director of Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services, which supports creation of the urban renewal district.