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Heading into the midterms, it’s hard to ignore the pervasive toxic partisan rancor in our political discourse. Tribalism, not issues, values or character, carry the day; a “Lord of the Flies” political melee.

In the race for Oregon House District 23, Oregonians can elect a candidate who transcends tribalism and will bring us back on the path of civility and mutual respect: Danny Jaffer.

Born and raised in rural Polk County, Danny is a U.S. Navy veteran with over 20 years of service. and flew as a helicopter pilot in both Desert Storm and Desert Shield among other trouble spots around the globe.

Danny has received the (cross) nominations of not one but five political parties: Independent Pacific Green, Working Families, Progressive and Democrat. 

The Independent Party traditionally represents centrist or even moderately conservative constituents disillusioned by the the GOP. The Pacific Green Party represents more left- leaning interests that are disillusioned with the Dem Party establishment. That one candidate can unite such disparate and divergent partisan groups, if anything, demonstrates exceptional character and leadership.

Danny was not chosen by the a major party to run. He was recruited by real constituents in the district. Danny takes no corporate, nor even political action committee party money. The vast majority of his contributions are from small ($100 or less) individual donors. 

Anyone meeting Danny is struck by his humility, honesty and decency; he's a man of exceptional integrity, intellect and affability.

Whatever your political persuasion, Danny Jaffer deserves your vote.

Aryeh Frankfurter

Monroe (Oct. 12)

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