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Letter: Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man-wannabe

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It is difficult to understand the verdict handed down in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

The judge went to extremes to show bias toward the defense. Refusing to allow the prosecution to refer to those killed and injured as “victims” seems odd. Publicly attacking the prosecution for legitimate lines of inquiry also seems out of line, particularly in front of the jury.

However, allowing Rittenhouse to select his jurors by lottery before deliberations began is the most egregious example of bias. That task should be assigned to the court clerk or recorder to ensure no appearance of partiality.

Kyle Rittenhouse went onto the streets of Kenosha armed with a semiautomatic weapon and with the apparent intent of dispensing “justice.” He was a vigilante. He roamed the streets apparently looking for looters and rioters without any legal authority. He did not position himself to defend any particular business or enterprise. It appears from video footage that his actions were not just condoned but encouraged by the police.

Rittenhouse’s actions may have led others to believe that he was a rioter, looter or active shooter. His juvenile “video game” behavior resulted in the loss of two lives and the injuring of another. Rittenhouse had no legitimate right to be where he was with the weapon he possessed. Yet he is free today because he was “defending” himself in a situation he created.

I will not sleep better tonight knowing Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man-wannabe, nor will I feel better protected by vigilantes.

Kenneth R. England




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