Please urge your state and US legislators to actively support universal health care bills: Senate Bill 770-A in the Oregon Legislature and House Resolution 1384 and Senate Bill 1129 in Congress. They could save your life and your savings.

Medical care is either unaffordable or unavailable for many Oregonians. Premiums can be $3,000 and deductibles $10,000. Illnesses worsen over weeks or months until crisis forces patients to the emergency room. As I learned from patients here in Corvallis and across the nation, bills from an ER visit, hospitalization, or prolonged treatment can empty bank accounts and force people to sell their homes. Half of all Go Fund Me campaigns are triggered by health care costs.

When patients cannot pay, hospitals raise their prices to make up the difference. Increased hospital prices are borne by the rest of us (socialized). Wouldn’t it be wiser for Oregon and the nation to pass laws that allow each one of us to get the care we need to stay healthy, happy, and productive? We can’t afford not to. Our current system is killing us, physically and financially.

The Albany and Corvallis city councils and the Benton County commissioners have endorsed the path to universal health care as recommended in SB 770-A.

Please call, write, email, visit your legislators and tell them why universal health care is so important to you and all of us. We’re all better off when we each get the care we need. For more, go to mvhca.org.

Mike Huntington, M.D.

Corvallis (May 30)

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