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Preparing for my GED, I was a student at Linn-Benton Community College's Benton Center for two years.

Towards the end of the second year, just when I was getting ready to do the GED exams, the school informed me that I was not allowed to renew my registration. At first, they cited the reason was the length of time I had been there. Since there were no rules or warning about time limit this reason was confusing to say the least. I knew it was not because of my lack of attendances nor my commitment, hence, to disallow me to continue was discouraging.

After communicating with the head of the GED department of LBCC, it was explained that the school feels my progress showed that I was fit to take the exam and there was no need to return for more classes and also cited reasons about government funding and how it would look bad for the matrix of the school if students continued to study without taking the GED exam.

Well, I did not feel ready to do all the exams and ended up hiring a private tutor, adding expenses just to complete my GED.

I think it was an unfortunate decision on the school to have curtailed my education in such a manner that caused me much anxiety, a sense of discouragement and extremely higher financial expenses to complete my GED.

Susan Si

Corvallis (Dec. 30)

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