The League of Women Voters of Corvallis strongly supports House Bill 2020, the Clean Energy Jobs Bill. This bill will result in benefits for all Oregonians, as well as for our economy. Most importantly, it represents a bold step forward to address our climate emergency.

According to an independent economic analysis, HB 2020 will create more than 50,000 good-paying jobs and will add to household income across all tax brackets. In addition, the transition to cleaner energy resulting from passage of HB 2020 will lower energy costs for both households and businesses.

This bill calls for limits on pollution from the state’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, holding them accountable for their contributions to the climate crisis. At the same time, hundreds of millions of dollars will be invested to reduce pollution and grow opportunities for low-income and rural communities, tribes, and communities of color, who are currently paying the highest cost of climate pollution.

Ten states already have successful cap-and-invest programs similar to what will be established under HB 2020. These programs have resulted in growing economies, decreasing carbon emissions, stable energy prices, and thousands of new jobs. Oregon should be next.

Last fall, the world’s climate scientists issued a warning that we must dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 or face catastrophic climate change. There is no time to waste.

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Please join us in supporting House Bill 2020.

Jessica McDonald

Corvallis (June 7)

The writer is president of the League of Women Voters of Corvallis and writes on the organization's behalf. 

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