I oppose granting government documents, including driver’s licenses and ID cards, to “undocumented residents.”

Government documents given to illegal aliens tend to legitimize their presence. Yet they entered, and remain in, our country, in defiance of our laws. We absolutely should not encourage, yet alone allow, them to stay.

This country belongs to its citizens only. No alien has the right to come here and take a share of our limited resources.

In April 2013, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 833, which would have offered four-year driver cards to illegal aliens. Then-Gov. John Kitzhaber signed the bill.

Oregonians opposed to its enactment collected enough signatures to refer the bill to the November 2014 ballot as Ballot Measure 88.

On Election Day, Oregon voters rejected illegal-immigrant driver cards by a margin of 2-1.

Now, House Bill 2015 has been introduced in defiance of the will of the voters. A new statewide poll of likely voters finds that Oregonians still overwhelmingly oppose granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. The Legislature should represent and honor the will of the citizens of Oregon and defeat this measure.

To defy the will of the people even more, an “emergency” clause has been attached to HB 2015, which would prevent opponents of the bill from blocking its implementation through another citizen's veto referendum.

Oregon legislators and officials represent us. They certainly do not represent the citizens of foreign countries.

Those who favor granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens should nevertheless respect the will of the majority.

John Dearing

Corvallis (May 4)

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