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I read with amusement letters from “Alt-Right” writers regarding the topic of ‘communism.” First, a few points, for your information: No nation-state ever was (is) communist. These writers point to autocratic nations such as Venezuela as a shining example of a communist-socialist nation-state, but it would be just as idiotic if I stated that Saudi Arabia is an example of a capitalistic nation! And to further state that the “most democratic, egalitarian and fraternal societies the world has ever known” are the hunting and gathering societies.

In my opinion, it is immoral to live in a country where “health care” is a choice rather than a right! It is beyond shameful that 99 percent of a nation’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of 1 percent. All the “civilized” nations of the world have national health care programs. I know I am going get the ire of some folks; even Cuba has health care for all. In fact, Cuba has better health care system than any other nation in South America. Guess what: Brazil is currently feeling extreme pain after Cuba decided to withdraw her “volunteer” doctors from Brazil.

At this very moment we may emulate democratic socialist (Nordic) model (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland). This will be a stepping stone to our final destination as an egalitarian society.

Max Ahmad

Corvallis (Nov. 23)

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