I hope we all can agree that planes which have forced themselves out of the sky, meats that might carry exotic pathogens, drugs which have avoided proper testing, buildings which were built with winks and bribes, educational theories which only suit commercial interests (and so forth and so on) are not the best this country can do.

Yet the due diligence of those in a position of power to address what should be our unanimity in this regard is often stymied for political advantage and that should be just plain tiring after all these years since "my friends, government is the problem."

What a gift representative democracy is as a legacy and how foolish to snipe at good ideas as its enemy. Could we correct the record at least in this regard: the socialism which falls easy prey to the conservative mindset was the failed communism in the examples folks readily and, yes, correctly point out.

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Working together for the maximum possible good with truly shared sacrifice deserves better than an easy epithet. We shouldn't surrender the framers' legacy. Form sound opinions, write or call your representatives often and vote your one vote in good conscience. Let's make America last.

Stacey Youdin

Corvallis (Oct. 28)

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