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At the Rotary Peace conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada this February one of the presenters, PartnersGlobal, opened my mind to a concept I had not previously considered on how to spread peace instead of hatred, violence, and war. It has a vision for the world where all of us (communities, governments, organizations, and businesses) work together to peacefully manage change. It defined negative peace as the absence of violence as opposed to positive peace, which is based on these 6 fundamentals:

• Keeping well and having a positive attitude.

• Acceptance of the rights of others.

• Adapting to change.

• Having good relations with your neighbors.

• Resolving conflict resolution without resulting to violence.

• Dignity for all.

Regarding the first fundamental: When we act when we are ill, in a vengeful mood, or angry, is an act of violence. It is a difficult task to leave vengeance to a higher order and release the anger from ourselves; however, I have found that it does bring peace within us. Thus, being healthy and having a positive mindset is a key element to a peaceful existence for us all. To be in conflict with our neighbors only breeds fear and conflict. If we get to know our neighbors who have a different culture, religion, or color we will find a acceptance that leads to local and global peace.

Let us work locally along with global partners for the vision of world peace and conflict resolution.

Fred E. Shaub

Corvallis (Feb. 25)


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