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Letter: Letters show dip in civil discourse

Letter: Letters show dip in civil discourse

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Jo-Ann Taylor, in a letter to the editor responding to my earlier letter, called my statement that “Democrats support illegal immigrants to increase their voter base” a blatant lie. I’m concerned that we can no longer have civil dialog on contentious issues. It is frightening to express an opinion if you are going to be called a liar or racist.

My call was for bipartisan solution to illegal immigration. I called out both political parties for inaction. But I made my statement knowing that someone would probably impugn my character and motives.

So was my statement a blatant lie? Ms. Taylor is absolutely correct that illegal immigrates can’t legally vote. But their children born in the United States can vote when they reach legal age. And if amnesty (which I approve of in some form) is provided, they can eventually become legal voters.

Ms. Taylor also tries to connect me with Trump and the right-wing press. I did not vote for President Trump. I disagree with many of his policies and the tone of his rhetoric. I generally read the Gazette-Times and watch KEZI news out of Eugene, if those are considered right-wing press.

One of the reasons I attended the University of California at Berkeley as an undergraduate was its legacy from the Free Speech Movement. It is disappointing to see our debates dissolving to name-calling rather than civil disagreement and resolution. If my attributions about either party are incorrect, then let’s see some resolution.

George Ice

Monroe (Nov. 16)


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