I find it misleading that Catherine Mater goes off topic in opposing the levy. The real question is of continuing services mostly provided to folks she acknowledges as having the highest needs in our community.

The library, daily, is a gathering place providing for residents of all income levels in our community, including the unemployed, homeless and mentally ill. The Senior Center serves the “quiet poor” she claims to advocate for.

City salaries for upper management positions in Corvallis are obscene, yet should we take our frustration out on populations needing our city services the most?

The city has no record of proposed services reduction because we the people have chosen to not give them reason, therefore it cannot be said they are bluffing.

Approval of this levy doesn't create any obstacles to our city advocating or developing low income housing.

Mater is an outspoken “not in my backyard” second generation member of the local business community.

Let us look to the question at hand. Do we lovingly continue supporting community services at current levels? Passage of this levy will not increase your current tax rates. Your vote is the voice best heard.

Daniel Wood

Corvallis (May 1)

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