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I’ve waited days for the Gazette-Times to cover the City Club forum — held in Corvallis — that was solely devoted to county commissioner candidates. It genuinely shocks me that, small reporting staff or not, voters aren’t hearing about the hotly contested race that affects 11 cities and towns.

I liked certain things about each of the five candidates. I’m a registered Dem, so I particularly wanted to hear the Democrat, whom I’ve never seen around.

He’s a kindly man, a tree farmer, but spoke only in vague terms about most of the topics raised.

After listening carefully to all candidates, I’ve decided to support Max Mania. What impressed me most was hearing that he’s been studying county issues since January 2017.

In addition to attending commissioner meetings for two years, he’s been reflecting and writing in real time on his blog about what he heard (

I can look back and see exactly where Max stands on critically important problems. Looking backward helps me know what he’ll do going forward.

Max Mania for commissioner!

Faith Reidenbach

Philomath (Oct. 8)

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