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This letter is in support of Max Mania for Benton County commissioner.

I have lived and worked in Benton County and with my wife raised a family in the area for nearly two decades. As a person of color (black) living in a county where not many people of color live, and who, also, tend to live on the social and cultural margins of the county one can, sometimes, feel isolated and not feel included in the wider community.

Having met Max Mania late summer at an evening backyard gathering I was convinced that Max is truly dedicated to building bridges between the various peoples, and communities in the county— and is deeply committed to removing social barriers that keep people marginalized. Max cares about the houseless living among us as much as he cares about college/university students and families who are finding it more difficult, if not impossible, to obtain affordable housing in Benton County.

This election does not include a Republican, so it’s a chance to vote for a true progressive who will stand for all Benton County residents. I believe that Max is the real deal, so I am voting for Max Mania. Visit his website at to learn more.

Robert Thompson Jr.

Corvallis (Sept. 19)

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