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For the last few weeks, I deliberated on my choices. In the end it was rather an easy choice. My next commissioner must not succumb to the status quo. He must shake up the system. You cannot make a great omelet without breaking some eggs! He must be passionate about progressive issues (even though sometime issues might not be “popular”). I believe Max Mania is that person.

I have known Mania to be honest and straightforward in his approach to his work in different boards. Max has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness both to his work and to his colleagues, and has carried out his obligations with vigor and resolve.

Max communicates very openly and directly, allowing for a good exchange of information and the ability to make informed decisions. I believe he will actively inform stakeholders (Benton County residents) of key actions he is about to take on issues. Max has a good understanding of human relation skills.

Max attended nearly every Board of Commissioners meeting over the past year to better understand the roles and responsibility of the board. He will certainly be an asset to the board. I therefore encourage my neighbors to join me in supporting Max Mania. Please visit to learn more about Max and his platform. More than ever we need to “think globally and act locally!"

Max Ahmad

Corvallis (Oct. 12)

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