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It’s encouraging that Benton County may finally “walk the talk" on many issues assigned to the back burner for years. By electing Max Mania, we’ll begin working on new collaborations and opportunities to address local climate change and growth, income inequity, the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, renter protections, transportation issues, racial injustice and more. It’s no secret as to why these issues remain unresolved. They’re hard! They demand creative solutions and cooperation from diverse groups.

Max has thrown himself into problem-solving, meeting with a wide spectrum of community members: business owners, farmers, religious leaders, teachers, health care workers, artists, environmental activists, homeless persons and students. In the years I’ve known and volunteered alongside Max, I’ve seen how he truly cares about others.

Max has tremendous energy for making the changes that will ensure Benton County is the best possible place for all of us. For a more in-depth look at Max’s qualifications and his plans for Benton County, check his website at

If you’re looking for a bold, progressive leader who can bring people together and solve problems, vote Max Mania for Benton County commissioner, Position 1.

Ange Crawford

Corvallis (Oct. 5)

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