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I will be voting for Max Mania for Benton County commissioner because I am convinced that he is the best candidate for the job.

One reason: He comes to his candidacy with skills to offer the city and a strong commitment to serve the people of this county. He has served on the Port Angeles City Council. In Corvallis he has served on the Benton County Cultural Coalition and is an active member of the local tenants' union. When he decided to run for this office over a year ago he began attending the Benton County commissioners' meetings. Consequently, he is very familiar with how business is done on the commission. He has presented concrete policy proposals for the county.

One of his primary interests is the lack of affordable housing in this county. He offers well-thought-out solutions to this problem. Also, did you know that currently County commissioners make $85,000-$90,000 a year while the median income of Benton County is $52,000. Max has proposed tying the salary of the commissioners to the county’s median income so that their work will focus on community, not self-advancement.

Max is running as an unaffiliated candidate, which means he will not be beholden to a party apparatus. As an unaffiliated candidate, Max will put people and policies above partisanship. He will be a commissioner who is responsive to all the people of Benton County.

Much more can be found about Max at Please check it out!

Beth Daniel

Corvallis (Oct. 4)

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