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"Elect me, and I will advocate for cutting my own salary in half." These are not words we typically hear from someone running for public office. But Max Mania, candidate for Benton County commissioner, has said just this, and it’s worth everyone’s attention. Max is a nonpartisan candidate running for the open seat on the Benton County Board of Commissioners, a team of three people who allocate the budget and make other key decisions on behalf of our entire county. In a recent blog post, he suggested tying commissioners’ salary raises to the median income in Benton County, indicating that such a strategy “might give them some motivation to actually care about what goes on in the county that (over)pays them."

If you check out his blog (, you’ll see that Max has spent countless hours meeting real citizens of Benton County, and listening to their needs. He’s the only candidate for commissioner who has actually attended all the commissioners’ meetings — another sign he takes this job seriously. Max’s platform is clearly articulated, and also includes protections for renters, commitment to transparency and accountability, and meaningful action on environmental issues affecting community health. Remember the name Max Mania (how could you forget it!), and vote for the boots-on-the ground candidate who has the people’s interests at the heart of his campaign.

Froggi VanRiper

Corvallis (Aug. 24)

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