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I will be voting for Max Mania for Benton County commissioner in November. Max is the one candidate running for the office of county commissioner who has made it a priority to reach out and listen to the daily life concerns and dilemmas of individuals and groups across our diverse county. He continually demonstrates his capacity to be receptive and constructive, not only as a candidate, but as a grounded participant in multiple local grassroots networks working for equality and sustainability in our region and beyond.

Max has made it a primary goal to strengthen our county infrastructure through encouraging institutional transparency and maximizing community input. He has directly applicable experience putting together a sustainable, responsive public budget. He has attended nearly every Board of Commissioners meeting over the past year and has diligently followed the workings of the board. He is a candidate deeply familiar with how decisions are considered, and how policy is made and enacted.

Over the last 20 years, income inequality has increased and housing costs have risen exorbitantly in our county. Issues of livability, land use and economic development are crucial to our collective well-being. Max understands these relationships. He has identified concrete areas where Benton County should reprioritize the use of our resources to best support the community and our children into the future. You can learn more about Max’s platform by visiting his website and blog (

Lisa Gonzales

Corvallis (Oct. 12)

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