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I am voting for Max Mania for Benton County Commissioner this November. Our taxpayer dollars pay the salary of our three county commissioners and that matters to me. In my humble opinion, having been born and raised in Corvallis gives me a unique perspective on our county. We are in a rut. Most of our county is liberal leaning but we don't stand behind progressive values with our local votes. We talk about standing up for the environment and better providing for the impoverished members of our community but when our ballots come in November many just take a glance and vote (D) or (R) based on affiliation. We can be better.

This is why I urge you to think for yourself and check out Max's website: . Let us put our money where our mouth is and research values and platforms rather than playing "Simon says" with our parties.

Heather Bishop

Corvallis (Aug. 24)

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