Before Max Mania was a candidate for Benton County commissioner, I met him as a coworker. It was immediately apparent that Max was unlike anyone I’d met. He was hilarious, informed, compassionate, and bold. He spoke his mind, and I found that I agreed with what he had to say.

Max was vegan, used public transit, brought news articles to work, discussed current events with our coworkers, and was keen to listen to our thoughts. He invited me to local events and was volunteering for the Pride festival before he’d even finished moving. I admired his personal commitments to animal rights, sustainability, and equality.

I took particular interest when he discussed local issues. I’ve lived in Benton County all my life. I love it here. But I’ve seen and experienced the challenges our county has faced over the years. His discussions on homelessness, income inequality, environmental degradation, and tenant rights resonated loudly with me. My girlfriend and I were once caught in a rental scam with a notorious local company. It could’ve cost us our home. Max and his wife gave strong support without us even asking. It’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

He’s experienced, reliable, and his passion is absolutely dauntless. He will not sit quietly and let issues our county faces continue to grow. He is the progressive voice that speaks for Benton County’s future. That will always look to others before himself. And I believe his representation will benefit us all.

Take a look at www.mania4benton.org

Jason Clark

Corvallis (Oct. 10)

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