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We live in perilous times. With a lunatic in the White House, we can't expect any progress to come from Washington, D.C. for years to come. But we can work to elect local leaders who will both serve us well and who hold great potential for future leadership.

In the race for Benton County commissioner, we have such a local leader. His name is Max Mania, and he represents a chance at real change. Despite the progressive nature of a majority of voters here, our elected officials have been hesitant to pursue real progressive policies. Max has the courage, vision and experience to actually move our community forward.

I trust Max to be a leader on environmental justice, economic justice and to work for true equality for all. He's won the endorsement of groups and thousands of voters who got behind Max before a single ballot was cast. They support him, because they know Max will support them — the workers, the families, the children of Benton County.

Max will be a voice for peace, justice and a sustainable future. His experience and energy will serve us all well. As a public servant and a voice for progress, Max Mania has my vote.

Please learn more about Max by visiting Read his in-depth proposals for yourself, and see why he's clearly the best choice.

Ed Epley

Corvallis (Oct. 12) 

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