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Max Mania, unaffiliated candidate for Benton County commissioner, says, “Partisan politics impede progress.” Max lives out this philosophy. He is the only candidate with no party affiliation of any kind, and therefore has no party line to tow, no big donations or political endorsements to shackle him. He is free to work for you, unimpeded.

Max is also the only candidate with municipal governance experience; with the unique perspective of working as a city councilor toward, and successfully advancing, a progressive agenda in a conservative city. His work and example inspired other progressives to successfully run for office, turning the tide and challenging the long-standing status quo of big money and local politics controlled by corporate dollars.

With other candidates for county commissioner being endorsed by partisan incumbents and big parties, (and given the accompanying money), ask yourself: does being in that position hinder or help independent decision making on behalf of county residents?

Benton County, and, indeed, the United States, are at a crossroads. Politics are so polarized it is hard to imagine how things might ever get better for we, the people. Now is the time to elect experienced, creative, passionate, dedicated leaders like Max with new ideas and the energy to move us forward into a new age.

If you agree that party politics tend not to represent the interests of the people, vote Max Mania. Remember, the status quo endorses its own. Visit to learn about Max's platform.

Carolyn Mayers

Corvallis (Oct. 11)

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