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Charles R. Nelson’s recent letter on Measure 101 contains so many errors it is difficult to know where to begin.

1. An earlier proposed title was deemed confusing by the court, so it was changed.

2. The opponent of the measure paid to put her “no” arguments in the “yes” section for her own reasons.

3. The measure calls for an assessment, not a tax.

More importantly, yes, the measure makes health care more affordable. One out of every four Oregonians receives health care through Medicaid, which can only be maintained by passage of Measure 101. Thousands have had their health premiums discounted by $300, and would keep that reduction if Measure 101 passes. Every child in Oregon receives health care because of the plan. Without it, these would go away.

None of the parties mentioned by Mr. Nelson (schools, nonprofits, college students, self-employed, small businesses) would pay the assessment. Nor would any public employee. The assessment is only on hospitals and insurance providers, who pay their share from their reserves.

Insurance premiums would not be raised. Why? Because hospitals and insurance companies save money when everyone has access to health care, and because the assessments would leverage billions of federal dollars back to Oregon, dollars that can only be spent on health care. That’s why every hospital and insurance carrier supports Measure 101.

As for large corporations and union not paying what Mr. Nelson calls a “tax,” well, Charles, neither does anyone else!

Please join me in voting “yes” on Measure 101.

Ed Curtin

Corvallis (Jan. 9)


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