Recently, our opinionated newspaper editor, a seasoned reporter, and orthodox local doctor erroneously claimed “vaccines eliminated measles” — a nice-sounding slogan, but near 100% false, quintessential poppycock, and totally misleading. 

I’ve informed these amazingly unanimous commentators  that the measles death rate declined 98% before measles vaccines were stuck in anyone. Any smart 15-year-old with basic math and internet skills could prove this.

Very simply, over 7,400 measles deaths occurred in 1900 among 76.2 million people vs. 400 deaths amidst 196 million later in 1963, before measles vaccines kicked in. That’s a 98% decline — without needles, heralding measles' eventual demise.

Even using later Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures starting in 1920, it’s still a 97.1% decline before vaccines. Why do they insist “vaccines eliminated measles”? Maybe it sounds good and helps support the vaccine industry’s talking points.

Alexander Langmuir, the father of infectious disease epidemiology,” after stating measles was a mild-moderate disease of short duration (thus not high priority), went and developed a measles vaccine anyway.

Unfortunately, a serious new illness, “atypical measles” also climbed onto the scene, caused by the inactivated virus vaccine, which was pulled after 2 million doses. Atypical measles persisted for decades, featuring measles symptoms in reverse order. Another very serious new illness appeared from the live virus vaccine, according to Lancet.

Vaccines had little to do with measles historic decline —mathematically, maybe deserving 0.5% of the credit.

Misinformed media, like the virtual zombie-like vaccine faithful who write ahistorical, largely fact-free, but highly opinionated letters — all accept common vaccine marketing slogans verbatim despite major corruption. 

Chris C. Foulke

Corvallis (April 30)

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