Reading about the record-breaking heat wave in Europe in today’s paper (Heat, Then Hail: Weather and Travel Woes Hit Britain, France, July 26), I realized that we are now experiencing all the climate change impacts that scientists have been warning us about for decades: more frequent and severe heat waves, storms, floods, and droughts, as well as longer and more catastrophic fire seasons.

Instead of becoming numb or feeling hopeless, we have a better option. We can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. Fortunately, more of us and our elected officials are proposing ways to do this. I believe the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 (HR 763) is a great place to start. Many members of Congress agree: this bill has 59 co-sponsors in the House, the most of any carbon pricing bill ever.

Urge Rep. Peter DeFazio to support HR 763. Ask him and your senators to support legislation that will quickly and fairly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Two new carbon pricing bills were introduced this week (the Climate Action Rebate Act in the Senate and the Stemming Warming and Augmenting Pay Act in the House). The Senate bill would dramatically reduce carbon emissions, and the House bill is bipartisan. These are good and hopeful developments.

It’s up to all of us to take action and work together, not only to avoid a hellish future, but also to promote cleaner air, better health, more jobs, and a livable world for all.

Carla Wise

Corvallis (July 26)

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