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Once upon a time

In a little college town

There was a major avenue

That people drove around


It carried folks out east and west

But sometimes, it is claimed

That it was quite confusing and

Some said it was misnamed


Cuz though the road is widely used

It’s hard to contemplate

Why the street signs all say “Circle”

When it mostly is quite straight


It goes from Hewlett-Packard

Westward up to Witham Hill

Where the traffic hits a stop sign

And turns to standing still


That all will change in just a bit

Construction’s almost done

Extending Circle Boulevard

On down to Harrison


So then the road will curve, you know

And when they make new maps

Let’s pick a name that’s apropos

“Semi-Circle” now perhaps?

Kevin Ahern

Corvallis (Dec. 28)

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The writer, a retired professor emeritus from Oregon State University, also is the author of the book "A Limerick a Day for a Year."