Kudos to Bea Michalik for her recent letter about the dangers of smart (dumb) meters. It takes a bit of courage to buck the received wisdom of Oregon's Pubic Utilities Commission, Pacific Power and the national smart meter grid agenda. It will be interesting what the potential effects on the health of renters from smart meters stacked three or four deep on the sides of apartments.

If you think smart meters are harmful, wait till G5 microwave with the closely spaced towers are rolled out.

On another note, it looks the Commune, otherwise known as Corvallis, has a couple of Communists running for election to the Commune's City Council.

Are the Commune's current leaders going to let Oregon State University rename iconic university landmark structures without getting into this act of Maoist-Marxist cultural revolution? What about Jefferson Avenue, which leads right up to and through campus and is named after that slave owner Thomas Jefferson. I suppose Thomas should get some brownie points, for after his beloved wife died, the virile Thomas fathered six children with his comely mixed race slave, Sally Hemmings. Four of Sally's children survived. It's not known if this act of miscegenation will cut any ice with the Commune or the campus commies. To save effort, let's rename Jefferson Street to Obama Avenue, which leads up to and through the renamed Obama State University, OSU, if you will. That way the campus snowflakes will feel much better walking along and across Obama Avenue.

Dean Kennedy

Corvallis (Aug. 7)

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