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Some comments on last Sunday's (Nov. 18) letters:

• "(T)the vast majority of citizens don't own stocks." (George Novak) Wrong. A 2016 study by the Federal Reserve showed that 51.9 percent of families do; a 2017 Gallup poll stated 54 percent of respondents do.

• "Ten dollars an hour doesn't buy $500,000 houses or $50,000 cars." (Novak) Correct. Logic dictates, then, that those who aspire to such things need to put themselves in a position to earn more than 10 bucks. That seems obvious.

• "There are a lot of jobs, 20 hours a week, minimum wage with no benefits." (Novak) Undoubtedly true. There's lots of better jobs too — in July, there were 7 million job openings in the United States. Not the government's job to find you one that will allow you to buy a Mercedes.

"I know that the majority of Trump supporters make less than $50,000 per year ..." (Richard Matson) True, as do the majority of Clinton supporters. Median individual income is about $30,000. What does this prove?

• "...and didn't get much of a tax cut if you got any." (Matson) False. Both single and married taxpayers earning $30,000 are enjoying a 20.4 percent reduction in their tax burden this year, and much more if they have kids. The overwhelming majority of us will have a comparable experience.

• "I may never see the tax cuts I'm getting in my lifetime..." (Matson) Hopefully incorrect. Hang in there, Richard.

John Brenan

Corvallis (Nov. 18)

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