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On Sunday I read with interest the story about Mark Robbins, the only remaining employee in the Merit Systems Protection Board, an agency that was meant to deal with whistleblowing grievances from federal employees. Neither the executive nor legislative branches of our country seem to be interested in the situation enough to quit bickering and get him the assistance he needs to do his job completely. This neglect clearly shows that they have little interest in the well-being of their employees.

I was a federal employee for many years and retired in 2008. It was and is a poorly kept secret in some agencies that whistleblowing is a fallacy. I am not sure the general public is much aware of this until stories like this surface. Mr. Robbins' story is just one of many thousands that prove the situation we have faced in public service.

Before anyone in the general populace buys into the talk that federal employees are being lazy on the taxpayer's dime, I want you to know that a huge majority of us in the federal sector did and are doing our jobs the best way we know how — just like Mark Robbins is doing his. We really do understand customer service and that you pay our salaries. We want to do our jobs well and are often hindered by staffing shortages, budgeting issues and frequent poor communication between management and staff.

I offer my grateful thanks to everyone who works in the public sector regardless of your level of government. You earn your money just as I did. Thank you for your service.

Marian Ely

Corvallis (Nov. 25)

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