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In November I spoke at the Corvallis Academy for Lifelong Learning, comparing the first 70 years of governance in the United States and the first 70 years of governance in India, which just completed 70 years of independence from British rule.

This got me thinking of the recent rants from some corners that the high school students from Parkland were too immature to make major decisions on gun control.

I decided to look back at the Founding Fathers in the United States and discovered that they range in ages by quite a bit. As an example Madison, Monroe, Hamilton and Burr were all in their late teens or early 20s. Franklin was 70 years old, Washington was 43, Jefferson was 31.

It seems to me the synergy of these founders of the United States was that the young learned from the elderly, the elderly were inspired by the energy of the youth and people in the middle were inspired by both these groups to produce a truly remarkable document.

In a similar manner, Gandhi was 45 when he returned to India from South Africa and was joined by young lawyers like Nehru and Patel and many many more who provided the energy for action.

The students in Florida remind me of the situation now and are providing the energy for a badly needed action on the horror of guns. I support their efforts and wish them all the best in their efforts.

Megha Shyam

Corvallis (Feb. 28)


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