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If the Democrats loved America half as much as they hate the president, our border issues would be resolved. China solved an invasion problem by building a wall over 5,000 miles long. Our politicians build nothing. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed, catching and releasing hundreds into America. Pregnant migrants climb over the existing barrier to give birth in America because we are one of the few developed countries that has not eliminated birthright citizenship.

Our immigration policies have made the United States the laughingstock of the world. Illegals cost taxpayers well over $100 billion a year, while criminal migrants protected by sanctuary laws rape, rob, assault and murder Americans.

What jobs do these migrants hope to find here? Many are illiterate and don't speak English. Ironically much menial work is being replaced by automation. Fast food restaurants are eliminating thousands of jobs by installing ordering kiosks. (Google: touchscreen kiosks poo germs.)

Looking at the bigger migrant picture the economy of Venezuela has collapsed (Google: Forbes Venezuela inflation 80,000 percent). Millions have fled into Colombia. North of Colombia is Central America, where the migrant caravans form. The latest caravan to arrive at our border and demand entrance numbered about 7,000. There's plenty more where they came from.

At 240 years old the United States is the world's longest surviving democracy. Today many young people and some politicians tout socialism as an answer to our problems. For more information on socialism, Google Venezuela again.

Wayne Thompson

Corvallis (Dec. 10)

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