Counting beans

Is just one means

Of measuring a harvest


It doesn’t show

What we all know

The ones who work the hardest



Sees profits grow

Proclaims themself a leader


Then turns and hawks

Their leveraged stocks

And makes demands much greedier


Perhaps it’s time

To realign

The relative contributions


Of cooks and clerks

Who do the work

With wage redistribution


Let’s raise their pays

So they have ways

Of meeting monthly rents


And cover health

With all this wealth

It’s only common sense


Then we can say

On that fine day

Our economic power


Has led us to

A better view

Of America’s finest hour

Kevin Ahern

Corvallis (July 2)

The writer, a retired professor emeritus from Oregon State University, also is the author of the book "A Limerick a Day for a Year."


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