I believe House Bill 3031 should pass because it would support the development of healthy families. Paid family and medical leave would give families the economic support to more effectively perform their functions of rearing children and caring for family members.

The largest group fighting against this bill is businesses. They argue that the cost of this policy to their businesses is too high to support this bill.

As a nation, we believe supporting families is important; however, we rarely pass legislation to do so. Why should we not use this opportunity to pass this bill and be true to our values? The maximum leave allowed for an employee to take is 32 weeks in a year. This may sound high, but realistically, not every employee would take the maximum amount of leave because their leave pay is less than they would make working. Additionally, the employees help contribute to their leave fund through their wages, so the onus of paying the leave is not solely on the employer.

Lastly, if some businesses cannot even afford to support families, the integral structures of our society, should we prioritize them remaining in business over our nation’s families?

Alexa Elliot

Corvallis (April 30)

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