State Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, has clearly violated his oath of office by threatening the governor of the state, and then state police who were lawfully ordered to perform their duties. It is immaterial how you or I feel about the bill that caused the representative to absent himself from Salem. He violated his oath. It is the responsibility of the state Senate to discipline Boquist. Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger refused to even characterize Boquist’s action as “inappropriate.” In so doing he has also violated his oath.

Action against Boquist should not be considered partisan, for what he did should disgust every Oregonian.

As to House Bill 2020, I personally feel that it was of such import that it should have been taken to the citizens for a vote as the Republicans wanted. For the Democrats to condemn Republicans for walking out when they have done the same thing in the past there is a term. It’s called hypocrisy.

Now Gov. Brown says she is looking into another method to impose cap-and-trade through her powers alone. How does this differ from our president, Donald Trump, trying to find another method to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census after the Supreme Court denied that?

Both the Republicans and Democrats have sunken to the worst kind of partisan politics. Please read former Republican Justin Amash’s July 4 announcement for a breath of fresh air. We all need to reread the warning of George Washington’s Farewell Address that Amash quoted.

John Wood

Philomath (July 5)

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