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I read the article by Bennett Hall on Peavy Hall and its destruction. The article is well done and nicely balanced. There were great reasons for NOT destroying Peavy Hall, which showed up when the first contractor had great difficulty breaking up the foundation good for another 100 years. If there were $10 million in maintenance costs it was due to mismanagement on the part of Oregon State University administrators. Will they maintain the new building just as badly?

When I was in the room the upgrade was to be $15 million, according to Dean Thomas Maness. Suddenly weeks later the building was to be destroyed and cost $60 million (not mentioned). Thirty million dollars was to be paid by donors and $30 million from Oregon general obligation bonds. Taxpayers are on the hook. Currently, it seems it will cost $80 million and that is rumored to climb higher. The dean kept telling everyone that the college would double to 2,000 students, but never offered actual job data to support such an assertion. Where will the College of Forestry house PhD professors to teach that many?

Marine ROTC on campus learn in Quonset huts!

Many people within the college and in other departments challenged the destruction of Peavy Hall as wasteful and not needed. They were correct. Anyone who said anything negative was ignored no matter the argument all the way up to Ed Ray's office. This management style will soon lead to a faculty union at OSU.

Robin Rose

Corvallis (Feb. 12)


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