My mother once observed: “The only thing you need to know about people is that you have to teach them to be courteous; you don’t need to teach them to be rude.”

Since we’re talking about rude, let's look at the Oregon Legislature and the governor; in particular, let's look at House Bill 2020.

If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, don’t blow smoke at me and call it an emu. 2020 is nothing more than a governmental tax and an attempt to expand the bureaucracy and pay for a failing Public Employees Retirement System program. And everybody who isn’t a governmental employee or former employee will end up paying not only for the extra cost of living and doing business in Oregon but also for the no-value-add of a retirement program that can’t support itself. All disguised as an environmental need and benefit. Geez, talk about rude.

The governor, the Democrats and Republicans all know this, which is the reason the Republicans fled Salem. With their overwhelming majority, the Democrats saw no use in considering or negotiating with the Republicans on the issue. And of course the governor will sign the bill; she is a Democrat, after all. And as a Democrat, a total authoritarian, she used her “special police” to attempt to bring back the rebellious Republicans just to be a useless forum.

This is exactly why there’s an Electoral College nationally. Because, as it has been shown, any time a political party gains an advantage it will abuse it eventually.

Ronald Garnett

Corvallis (June 24)

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