The recent partial federal shutdown jeopardized an annual harvest of scionwood — twigs used by researchers to grow new trees — at the U.S. Department of Agriculture orchards off of Peoria Road. But volunteers from the region stepped in to help, including Joanie Cooper of Molalla, president of the Oregon Home Orchard Society. “Who else is going to do it if there are no employees here because some idiot shut the government down?” she asked.

But President Trump is not the only idiot in Washington. Both sides lack the ability to think. You really think either party cares about me and you? Get real. Those people care about themselves and no one else. Me and you? They don't even know we exist. By the way, how come in the shutdown they got their pay and benefits? Yes, right: They really care about us, the people. Hogwash!

Royce Cantrell

Corvallis (Jan. 14)

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